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Startup Plan-It - Featured Entrepreneur

I am excited to share my interview with Startup Plan-It as their featured entrepreneur! Startup Plan-It is a program for startup entrepreneurs. I would love for you to check out my interview, here is the link

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Spring Fever

No winter lasts forever… no spring skips its turn…….. –Hal Borland Welcome to our first official blog post. It’s only fitting that “Spring” is our theme for this post. Spring just so happens to be Americas most wanted, especially on the east coast and in the south. With the constant changes in the weather, it’s hard for anyone to really catch the “spring fever” so we are all proceeding with caution. Well, one thing for certain the seasons will change and before long warm sunny days will be the norm. So in preparation for the beautiful spring days ahead, it’s time to start working on your wardrobe. Now, this doesn’t mean go out and purchase all new clothes and accessories,...

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