Spring Fever

No winter lasts forever… no spring skips its turn…….. –Hal Borland

Welcome to our first official blog post. It’s only fitting that “Spring” is our theme for this post. Spring just so happens to be Americas most wanted, especially on the east coast and in the south. With the constant changes in the weather, it’s hard for anyone to really catch the “spring fever” so we are all proceeding with caution. Well, one thing for certain the seasons will change and before long warm sunny days will be the norm. So in preparation for the beautiful spring days ahead, it’s time to start working on your wardrobe. Now, this doesn’t mean go out and purchase all new clothes and accessories, however, it does provide the opportunity to mix things up a bit influenced by the season’s hottest trends. This year it’s all about COLOR. Vibrant, bold colors. Two of our favorite color trends are vibrant shades of yellow and burnt orange, rust and warm amber tones.

There are so many beautiful shades of yellow to choose from based on your complexion, style or mood. The beautiful thing about wearing the color yellow is that the color within itself exudes confidence.


Take a look at some of our favorite canary yellow pieces: 

Continuing with the trend of bold colors, we love the warmth of burnt oranges and the rust color. These colors speak to our inner bohemian girl vibe. Another cool thing about the deeper shades of orange is that they can be styled as neutrals, meaning that they wear well with other colors such as yellow, black, red, white, etc. Check out this look that’s sure to have you craving sunscreen, straw hats, sandals and your favorite beverage of choice, ours would be the Lemon Drop Martini for Elizabeth and the Bahama Mama for Nichole!